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 Koch's Performance is proud to offer these select reproduction parts
for Vintage Yamaha Snowmobiles

Drive Sprockets

for center drive Yamaha tracks - 71 and up
Made from Aluminum
$60 plus shipping

Keihin Carb Kits - $59.95+shipping
All rubber parts are OEM NOS parts


Yamaha Sno Pro Gas Tanks - $375+shipping
with mounting brackets, Rubber Straps and Gas Cap

Water Pump Rebuild Kits and Belts for 76-80 SRX

Water Pump Rebuild Kit - $59.95 + Shipping

Water Pump Belt - $19.95

Wiseco Piston Kits
$129 + Shipping

Available in the following sizes:

GPX 433

76-77 SRX 440

GPX 338 ArmourGlide
Sizes Std .020 .040 .060 

Yamaha SRX 340
available in std. .020 .040 and .060 sizes

Ring Sets
High quality Wiseco Piston Rings that fit on your stock Yamaha pistons.

1976-77 SRX 440


1973 SR 433 w/Chrome Bore


1973 GPX 433 GYT-Kit


 Yamaha GPX, SRX or EXCITER F/C Tunnels
Starting at $450

Rear Tunnel Repair Pieces
Fits the following:

74-75 GPX, 76-80 SRX, 76-81 EXCITER F/C
$32 Each

 77 Yamaha SRX
3 needed to do a complete rear of the tunnel
$32 Each Piece

GPX SRX Custom Race Pipes

$450 + Shipping

These pipes are custom built to Yamaha specifications from stock SRX pipes. These pipes will fit a GPX 338 and 433 as well as the SRX 340 and 440. This exhaust makes the same power as Yamaha GYT race exhaust.

1977-80 SRX Belly Pan Boots

NOW $125.00 per set

These boots are an exact copy of OEM. They are made from the same type of rubber material as stock.

The cost of original parts when they were available was $85.00 each.


The following cables are available through Koch Performance:

Throttle Cables

Brake Cables 

Choke Cables 

76-77 440 srx
74-75 GPX 338 & 433

74-75 GPX
76-77 SRX

76-80 SRX

Exact copies of OEM $149 Per set

 Yamaha ski stabilizers
Exact copies of 76-77 OEM SRX stabilizers
$89 per set

Sno Flaps - $80 Each

 74-75 GPX - 76 SRX - EXCITER F/C

 77 SRX - 78 SSR

Yamaha Heat Seamed Seats
Available with Red or Black Heat Seamed Material
Call for Pricing


Seat Covers

1973 SR Seat Covers - $239

 1975 GPX Seat Covers - $149
1975 GPX 338 & 433 Seat Covers
Fit Great, Look Right!

 1976 - 1980 SRX Seat Covers - $149
Two different types available.
Black top with red sides or all black.
Both include tuning fork seat logos

Send Your Seat In To Be Recovered

78-80 Yamaha SRX
1 Piece Seat Covers With Logos*

  1976 - 1977 SRX
1 Piece Seat Covers With Logos*

*Send your seat in for an estimate, and we will recover it for you.

 Handle Bars - $199 Each

Center post made from Billet Aluminum

 Just like the Factory Team used

 Will also fit GPX’s and EXCITER F/C’s
as well as 78-80 SRX

Handle Bar Pads - $60.00

Fits the following:

1974 and 1975 GPX
1976 and 1977 SRX
1976 and 1977 Exciter F/C

Switch Covers - $6.95 each
Kill Switch Covers, Key Switch Covers and Dimmer Switch Covers

1974-81 GPX, SRX and Exciter F/C Front Bumpers
$219.00 + Shipping
Made from aluminum polished to a chrome finish


1976-77 SRX Front Bumpers
$199.00 + Shipping


Exact copies of original aluminum front bumpers, polished.

1973 SR Hoods, Belly Pans & Graphic Kits


Call For Pricing

Yamaha Sno Pro Hoods
$350 + Shipping
Black paint and Graphics extra

GPX Kalamazoo Hoods
$395 + Shipping
Black paint and Graphics extra

1976 - 1980 SRX Hoods - $450.00
These are show quality hoods, available in black or white.
Also available in White & Black for your 1978.
(If purchased with our graphics, they will be installed at no charge)




Yamaha Graphics Kits


1974 GPX 338F

$137.00 + Shipping
Installation Available


1974 GPX 433F

$137.00 + Shipping
Installation Available 


1975 GPX 433G

$125.00 + Shipping
Installation Available


1976 SRX 340/440 US

$190.00 + Shipping
Installation Available 


1976 SRX 340 or 440 Canadian

$159.60 + Shipping
Installation Available 


1976 SRX 340 or 440 Canadian Sno Pro

$76.00 + Shipping
Installation Available


1977 SRX 440

$165.00 + Shipping
Installation Available


1978 SRX 440

$189.00 + Shipping
Installation Available

 Additional kits available (Similar to above)

 1978 SSR $179.00 Plus shipping

 1979 SRX 440 $175 Plus shipping


If you are looking for Vintage Yamaha Snowmobile Parts not listed here, please give us a call. As Yamaha vintage Snowmobile experts, we have sources for almost any part that you need. Not only do we have a diverse inventory on hand, over the years we have formed relationships with many new, used and reproduction parts resources. Give us a call, chances are we have a source for that part, or have it in stock

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